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James is a really nice and attentive. Being someone who is relatively active and historically has tight shoulders and achy backs, this was much appreciated. James is very patient and knowledgeable about his craft. He helped me ease my tight shoulders and focused on muscle areas which needed more attention. I left feeling refreshed and feeling ready to get back into the gym. I recommend coming to James if you’re looking for a massage to help you feel more like yourself and ease stiffness/tightness in your body. Thank you James!

Tiffany Hu

I had a deep tissues massage Friday evening and it was the first one with James. And one of the best! He was very professional, experienced & very kind. Will come back. Highly recommended !!!!

giulia mottarella

The guy knows his job and you can see he has many years of experience. I felt good after the massage and he did a good job, thanks!


Felt like a workout!


Lovely place and easy to find and contact! Fantastic massage by James I really rec…


Superb massage which enabled me to sleep on my right shoulder for the first time in weeks. Highly recommended!


James is very friendly and professional, he also managed to break down some of the knots around my shoulder, and I felt better afterwards.


Had deep tissue massage, unusual technique, not what I’m used to but seem to have worked.


Fantastic massage. Very effective. The terapeut is very professional and skilled. He understood my problem, treated me and recommended exercises to help the healing process. So fare one of the best specialist I have seen. Will definitely come back and recommande!


Excellent massage, unique is the word! Very much recommended! Thanks James!


Very professional, highly skilled, good technique, definitely recommend!

Seung hee

James is fantastic at manipulating my muscle. His speciality is body alignment. Hah finally fiqure his work namesake. Very understanding and compassionate wanting to heal person. Thank you. I will be back. With appreciation.


James was excellent and I could feel the effects of his massage immediately. His techique was great and he even counted down for me any areas more painful than others. Highly recommend James for any alignment or positioning problems.


Highly recommend. James is so nice and I felt soooo good after, intent to come back!


The session with James was great, he’s incredibly knowledgable and I went away feeling better than I’d ever done after years of physio. I’d highly recomend – I’ve already booked in for my next session.


Great service!


Had booked wrong type of massage as not being a sportsperson but matter was sorted swiftly. James found straight away the issue I had with body alignment and massage was very good


James was fantastic and I felt a difference in my back and shoulders immediately after the treatment! Will definitely be coming back as James’s Deep Tissue Massage is the only massage I’ve ever had that has made such a huge impact on my back and shoulders from the start.


I saw James on Friday afternoon after speaking to him on Friday morning. He gave me directions and a time that was good for me. It was very easy to get to the location, it is literally right outside Dollis hill station on the Jubilee line. When I got there I was asked to complete a consent and general health form and it was very professional. James and I had a quick conversation about my issues and where I felt I needed attention. Most importantly was the massage was amazing! James did a fantastic job and I felt fantastic after I left. I have had massages all over the world and I believe this was one of the best ones I had! The room the massage was given was very clean and professional looking. Thank you. Sebahat

James is a very experienced and recommended i have a deep tissue as I had pinched a muscle in my neck and shoulders. He is really in tune with what you need and my back is feel much better. He helped a lot and I felt I walked taller and slept better because of his massage. Highly recommend!


James was really good at finding tension areas in my neck and shoulder and I felt a lot lighter when I left!


excellent value for money, i def left walking 2inches taller!


I had a fantastic Deep Tissue Massage that I could feel the effect for the next two days. James was really understanding about what I needed from the massage, especially when I told him that I worked at a desk the entire day and did quite a lot of running.


I could see clear difference between “before” and “after”, my body was straighter and felt lighter. Also noticing how my body was misaligned helps to be more aware of my posture. Overall very good experience!


Great massage. To be honest I was surprised that the therapist was a man – maybe I missed something on the description page – but I was made to feel at ease and enjoyed the massage. I had a 1-hour treatment, which was full body.


I really enjoyed the relaxing and de-stressing massage. the therapist was really professional and friendly. I felt much lighter after wards. I will be returning again soon.

Catherine Ali

I had a deep tissue massage. the place was cosy and clean.the therapist was skillful and professional.he really put you at your ease with a friendly manner.very firm massage which was what I was looking for.highly recommended.


This guy is a real pro! He really knows his job and I felt great after a really different massage. Highly recommended


James, a man, had a great touch. It was a good massage and i have given it four stars. Location is excellent: right next to dollis hill tube station

Michelle Levene

Jay did an amazing job and I can’t wait to go back.

Barbara M

Absolutely worth it and amazing!

Nelly N

James is a professional Therapist who had put me at ease and made a big difference to my neck, shoulders and leg calves after the deep tissue therapy session. Janet

Janet L

Professional service – I would highly recommend

Michelle N

James is a real expert of what he does. The massage was great and it really helped me to address a few issues I had with my back. Strongly recommended!

Paula S

Very nice treatment. James is attentive and knows what he is doing.

Kate W

A fantastic deep-tissue massage by an experienced and knowledgeable person which is James. I went away feeling a lot better and the calf muscle injury has definitely got better. Highly recommended.

Janine M

Excellent massage – I hadn’t had a deep-tissue massage before, but it certainly worked out a lot of knots! James is welcoming and explains what he is doing, and will let you know if there are any areas you need to work on yourself (my posture is dodgy, for example, and he suggested how to hold my head to correct for it).

Linda B

James is a great specialist- the massage was absolutely amazing! I’ll definitely be coming back.


I booked a massage for my mother. when James had finished she told me how thorough he was and she instantly felt relaxed. She said he did an extremely great job and I’m now looking at re booking her for another session.

Malina Y on 1 Mar 2017

James was brilliant. He went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and recommended the best treatment based on pre-existing issues- I actually received a body alignment session, rather than the deep tissue massage. I could really feel the difference and plan to return for further sessions.


I was originally booked in for a back, neck and shoulder massage however on arrival, James noticed my hips were out of alignment. He then changed by massage to a re-alignment session at no extra cost and the results were brilliant. The discomfort I was experiencing in my shoulder had gone and my body felt relaxed. A very professional and knowledgeable service – I’ll definitely be going back.


Excellent massage. I felt lighter and taller when it was over. I will definitely be coming back.


Great massage by a therapist who clearly knows what he’s doing and aims to give you the treatment that you need. Only comment would be the room is very bright!


I had the Body Alignment massage and have really noticed a difference since having it done. I had been experiencing some knee pain consistently for a couple of weeks but a couple of days after having the massage the pain has completely cleared up as I think it must have been caused by poor posture. I will be returning.


Great location as easy to get to.


James is really nice and great at massage.


Great value for money.


Excellent treatment, I received extra time (at no extra charge) and it really felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders! Also excellent value for money. A little different to a traditional massage though, so worth reading the details/checking the website in advance.


great vale for the price, james was very professional and the massage was really relaxing

Antonella 13/03/2016

 I didn’r realize that the massage therapist was a man until I got to the appointment so it is worth mentionning.

Very professional massage, James knows what he is doing and he took extra time for me.

Anonymous 15/03/2016

 Have been saving up to have another course of body alignment because the last one was really helpful in straightening things out a bit, but three months on, I am in need of a top up.


Great experience, highly recommended.. James was great, worked extra time for me, and did a wonderful job. Will be sure Togo back and see him


Have had a few really good massages here which have really helped with stress, tension and back pain, and they have also improved my posture. Definitely recommend!


My second time visiting Jay, and another great massage! I would definitely recommend him, as since I’ve been seeing him the usual aches and pains I had in my back, hips and knees are now a thing of the past!


Easy to find location, clean room, safe environment, knowledgeable theapist, relaxing hour, refreshed body = I booked 4 further sessions.


It was amazing!!!


Highly recommend! I really appreciated the communication James held throughout my massage, it really put me at ease as I had comfort knowing I could say if i wanted a different amount of pressure and also in knowing he would ask. After suffering huge pain in my shoulder and being a generally achey dancer, this was completely gone and i woke up the next morning feeling honestly amazing. I had specific questions which he was happy to answer and genuinely cared about my well being. My next massage is booked which I am already looking forward to!

OliveEva 18/02/2016

 I suffer from chronic back pain after an injury 6 years ago, and I am always on the look out for treatments that will ease my body pain – James’s treatment really worked for me, and I’m still noticing the effects of the advice he gave me about concentrating on aligning my body to keep my muscles from going into unnecessary spasm. James listens, and offers advice regarding specific ailments, and the treatment itself feels bespoke – I never felt he was going through the motions, it was always specifically targeted to what my body needed. I highly recommend James and his treatment.


James has an amazing way with his hands and has worked wonders for my overall well being. He is intuitive yet is sensitive to your needs. He is open to talk through things so be open with what you are after. The room is warm and ambience is good. Would highly recommend James.


 It’s very Great experience! The massage was VERY relaxing! James was very gentle and kind with me, which helped me to relax as well and also was important for me due to my first professional massage experience(I was quite scary and worried). The room itself was warm, so i didn’t shake all the time, as I expected. Quite and relaxing music create relaxing atmosphere.

Also massage brought back flexibility and mobility of my back and shoulders. Before I’ve done it my back was tensed and firm like a stone,was in pain due to specificity of my job…after the second time I’ve my back mobility and sensation back.

I recommend to everybody, especially if you suffer with the pain.


 James listened to where I wanted the deep tissue massage and worked on those areas with the right about of pressure. The place was easy to find and was relaxing even though it was right near Tower Bridge.


What a hidden gem! It was such an amazing massage and I feel so good!


I had a deep tissue body aligning massage here from James. Literally the best massage I’ve had in a long time! He has a very calming presence, and the massage itself in terms of pressure, relief and aftereffects, was amazing. He assessed my alignment and made a good judgement call about my hips/shoulders/back – a great massage and a few cracks later, I feel much straighter, less tense, and problems I’d been having with my hip and knees prior to my appointment have all but gone away!


James magic hands is what I call him. Found this first on Groupon and visited not knowing what to expect. It was so good I booked a course and have been back quite a few times since. If you do not know you own body, James does! Don’t hesitate book. You will feel like a new person.


Absolutely Amazing Experience. James not only has all the right skills to perform a great relaxing massage but also a great passion which makes the massage so unique, and you leave the place relaxed, self-confident and ready for new challenges!


“I found my experience very positive and will definitely return. In fact I recommended a friend.”

Pat Moreno

“Really saw the difference afterwards and left feeling much taller and straighter “


“I can thoroughly recommend. Went back as suggested for another within the week and feel great, not in any pain now in my hip, neck, and shoulders. thanks. “

Pat Freeman

“More like a medical massage – can be a bit painful but that is what is needed to adjust your alignment – would definitely recommend James very professional and nice too”

Natasha Dos Passos

“It was a wonderful experience. I had the most wonderful massage. I felt energised and had the most wonderful sleep that night. I will definitely be booking up more sessions. I have recommended it to quite a few friends since so they can also book up and share the same experience that I have “

Valerie Hall

This was the best treatment that I have ever had. I have quite a complex and traumatic history of issues with my back and James was brilliant at listening and tailoring the treatment to provide incredible relief and much needed re-alignment. This is a really holistic approach; not your average massage, more like a mix of osteopathy and massage. Jay really knows his stuff, I was so so pleased with the result, I felt so much better and more aligned. Can’t wait to go back for my next session, I’m going back for a course of four as the difference to my back and neck pain and to my posture generally from just this one session was incredible. Highly recommend.


Brilliant session- Jay is great and making you feel really comfortable. The body alignment massage really feels like a long term benefit rather than a quick fix as he gives great advice to help you day to day. Thanks so much for fitting me in at short notice- will definitely return!


What a fantastically professional man and service. I was coming to him with a pinched nerve which left my entire left leg with weird freezer burn sensations, and after visiting him – 2 days later, it was gone! Thanks so much, Rita


This was an amazing treatment, the results were visible instantaneously. I was made to fell completely in control and safe, and listened to throughout the procedure.


This session relieved the most persistent pain in my lower back and knee – I can’t believe how much better I feel! James was very kind, friendly and knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend this treatment to everyone.


Wow no one has ever given my back pain any relief like i got here. i am so grateful. the atmosphere was calm, the music, everything. will definitely go again when he’s back!


wonderful treatment, thank you!


James did an amazing job and I can’t wait to go back




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